Dark Opera Theme for Vivaldi browser

Probably I should start why not Google Chrome, for what its worth Chrome is de facto standard in web right now. Well it is mostly for the reasons of privacy. The amount of data collection Google applies to its users it staggering. It already owns all my e-mail, at some point it owned my phone data, my photos and all my browser data too. It is then I realized that maybe I was putting too many eggs into one basket.

Anyways I am on Vivaldi at the moment. The only thing I was missing from Opera (that I extremely liked, but it lacks profiles) is its subtle, dark but not-too-dark color scheme. It looks like this.

If you’re not familiar with customizing theme in Vivaldi, then you just copy the code and press paste in the appropriate field.

Color codes for copy:

  • Background: 1a1d21

But frankly I like more subtle dark themes, so if you’re like me here’s the same theme, in the same colors, but with the more subtle one playing “the first violin”. Just swap the background and accent colors, and apply accent to the window. It looks like this:

Color codes for copy:

  • Background: 3b4550



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